Jarah in Georgia

Ani veAtah Neshane et HaOlam:
You and I will take over the world.

WHAT'S GOING ON HERE!? Well to be honest, nothing much. Just a struggling early twenty something cruising along through life. Obviously I live in Georgia. And I'm trying to make it seem exciting...how is it exciting? Well, I'm here.

I enjoy comics, anime, video games, violence, food, music, religion, romance and fashion. I've always wanted to see a building be demolished.


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Thank you!

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Jeneil Williams, Melodie Monrose, Ajak Deng, Ataui Deng, Cora Emmanuel, Anais Mali & Alek Wek - Vogue Germany March 2014

Photographer: Mario Testino

Fashion Editor: Lori Goldstein

Hair: Orlando Pita

Anonymous asked: You seem very close-minded and judge mental. Sorry girl. I mean if someone is at University and dating a 26 year old. It's her life and she should make her own decisions. Don't judge. Let her be her like people let you be you.


I’m going to let your comments slide just off of your clear lack of experience…

Just because I ACTUALLY experienced this with my son’s father I will enlighten you….

If a grown 26 yr old man is dating a teenage girl he is using her 

A 26 yr old man most likely has a woman his age lurking around somewhere that he is actually in love with, involved with, or married to….

If he does not, he is lacking somewhere


I personally have to deal with this at my job. A man who is 28 is dating a girl who just turned 18 less than 3 months ago. Legitimately, the have nothing in common. NOTHING!

Mentally are you the same person you were at 18? Emotionally? Physically? All these things change over the course of a few years. Is it because he’s a man its creepy? No. If it was a woman I’d feel the same way.

Usually it’s just a way for the older person to get unlimited devotion (younger ppl give it out because they lack experience), the thrill of control, and easy sex.

I’m 23. Anyone younger than 21 can kick rocks. Anyone 29 and older, kick rocks as well. I’m not saying love can’t come from an older person but it’s rare.


Anthony Mackie, by Nicholas Maggio for Rhapsody (April ‘14)

My loins…they quiver with a need.

Save me.